Google Reveals Plans for New Top Level Domains


Google announces new top level domain policies


In response to both user and SEO industry confusion, Google has revealed how it intends to handle the new types of top level domains being introduced when it comes to search results. One of the big insights is that the new TLDs won’t be given any special search treatment, and even a keyword in the TLD won’t either help or hurt in SERPs. The company also revealed that it intends to treat regional domains such as .london as if they are generic, without any additional weighting for local search, though leaves this open to be changed down the line. Head to their roundup to find out more.


Microsoft adds ‘revenge porn’ reporting page


Microsoft has followed in Google’s footsteps by introducing a reporting page for ‘revenge porn’, allowing victims to request that explicit content posted without their consent be removed from search results. The page asks users to submit their name and email address, along with a URL for the content, and asks if they ever gave consent for it to be distributed. Microsoft warns that even if the request is approved, the content will only be removed from search results, and not the sites it is hosted on, but directs users to helpful resources.


Google is hiring an SEO manager to improve its own rankings


Yup, you read that right. Google is hiring an SEO Product Manager to boost its own rankings in organic search. More specifically, the company wants someone “to help drive organic traffic and business growth” for the Google Cloud Platform, the search giant’s cloud computing service. The hiree would be expected to “take part in website development and optimization, help shape blog and social strategy, improve website code hygiene and define web architecture for international websites.” It may seem more than a little odd to see Google worrying about its own search rankings, at least it shows that even they’re not above the rules.

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