Web Analytics

Google Analytics Consultancy

Having worked with Google Analytics and associated packages for a number of years we are able to offer assistance with Google Analytics installation, configuration and training, as well as with analysis, interpretation and then subsequent decision making and site optimisation.

While we are familiar with most of the leading packages for most companies we recommend using Google Analytics as it’s fast, friendly, flexible, configurable and free.

Common issues include

  • Where to install the tracking tags
  • Choosing which Goals to track (i.e. KPIs)
  • Setting up shopping basket transaction integration
  • Tracking Google AdWords and third party marketing campaigns
  • Troubleshooting analytics installations
  • Customising reports and profiles
  • Learning what the data means

In addition to analytics set up and configuration we can provide ongoing analytics analysis and staff training to inform your decision making process, enhance your business intelligence and improve your marketing campaigns.