Case Studies



TrustedPlaces’ visitor count increased from just over 8,000 per day when we started in November 07 to topping 12,000 per day in March 08.

With TrustedPlaces, we’ve implemented a variety of SEO approaches, including improving title and meta tags, de-indexing duplicate content, such as alternative sorting for search results, link building, structural changes to the site, revised menus and home and sub-page layouts, and enhancing the detail and breadth of tracking of their Analytics software.

Additionally, we optimised their PPC campaigns, and advice on monetisation, brought down their PPC cost per membership acquisition down from over £15 to under £4.

We also introduced an affiliate program, in conjunction with Clash Media, to help bring in members at even lower rates.

TrustedPlaces was sold to Yell for £2million. Yell Press Release.


Although already an established site, when we took it over we realised that there was much to do.

The primary issue was that the site, despite having thousands of content-rich pages and a PR of 5, was getting just a trickle of traffic.

Key issues that were resolved include the excessive use of JavaScript for links, content and menus, making the site impossible for spiders to index, along with a variety of session IDs being employed in the urls, again befuddling the search engines.

Moving to cookie based tracking, the replacement of much of the JavaScript with server-side scripts and the addition of several comprehensive site-maps resolved the indexing issues and resulted in several thousand pages becoming index by Google and a significant uplift to traffic and sales.