About Market Appeal

Market Appeal is a search engine optimisation (SEO) company set up in May 2006 to help start-ups, SMEs and web design agencies from Greater London and beyond. Due to ongoing expansion, in May 2009 Market Appeal turned a limited company.

Unlike multifaceted digital agencies we dedicate ourselves to search engine marketing specialising in paid search and organic SEO to deliver the best results. As Google Analytics evangelists we are committed to providing you with measurable, profitable SEO.

There is an old adage that says that half of all advertising is ineffective, unfortunately nobody knows which half. We’re pleased to say that that doesn’t apply to search engine marketing, as many customers journeys are traceable every step of the way.

Some questions to ask your next SEO company:

  1. Have they worked, and had success with, a site in a similar industry to your own?
  2. Do they understand what “ethical” search engine optimisation is and have an approach in line with your firm’s own?
  3. Can you meet the SEO consultants who’ll be working on your site and their “experts” in this field, as opposed to being fobbed off by inexperienced account managers?
  4. Will they make intelligent use of web analytics data to guide your SEO strategy?
  5. Can they show you their plan of what they will be doing to earn you results?

For an informal chat or SEO quote for your company call 020 3880 5692 or email seo@marketappeal.co.uk