Onsite SEO

SEO audits are reviews of your website that explain in depth step-by-step what you need to do to improve your SEO.

We conduct several levels of website SEO reviews from short SEO Assessments that outline key issues to full blown SEO Audits that examine one or more matters in detail. Included are explanations in everyday English suitable for non-SEO staff to follow as well as in depth recommendations ready for immediate implementation.

Typical factors addressed in an SEO audit include:

  • Meta data including meta titles, description, keywords, snippet settings, robots tags
  • On page SEO including header tags (h1, h2), static vs dynamic text, word counts
  • Image, video and rich media opimisation including alt tags and SEO friendly embedding
  • Sitemaps both html (web pages) and xml for the search engines
  • Blocked and redirected pages including issues with robots.txt, 301/302 redirects and .htaccess
  • Internal linking structure including main menus, footer links, folder structure and anchor text
  • External linking including choice of partners, anchor text, do/nofollow and PageRank sculpting
  • Spidering problems due to Flash, AJAX (JavaScript), iFrames and session IDs
  • Backlink analysis including anchor text profiles, spammy domains and linkbuilding recommendations

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