Content Marketing

Content is still king

“[Websites] who are updated every month ranked 3-5 places higher on Google than those who hadn’t updated at all in the prior 3 months”

“Longer pages very clearly performed better than the shorter ones, with 1,000+ words home pages being listed 4 or 5 places higher on Google than very short pages [with fewer than 250 words.]”

Source: WebHealer research into 2,000+ website rankings, published March 2013

As part of your site’s SEO review we will look for opportunities to add content to existing pages or create entirely news sections to target more, valuable phrases. This will help to increase your current rankings as well as securing rankings for new phrases that aren’t yet being targeted by your website.

Market Appeal will help you to create fresh content for your website on a regular basis as well as high quality, entertaining, informative content to place on external blogs and sites to link back to your page.

Our in-house content team quickly creates fresh, high quality content that sites love to publish, a key ingredient of successful content marketing campaigns.

Our high standards are maintained throughout the process, with writers and editors working together to produce content which you can approve before it goes live.

We can also work with our network of well-known writers to create insightful articles that they publish on a popular site under their own name, enabling you to capitalise on their existing following and reputation. Influencer articles may be less technical than Viral articles since they are written for mass appeal (i.e. early stage customers).

Considerable effort goes into creating influencer articles and the readership of the sites they are placed on means they reach a wide audience and are shared widely via social media – a process that’s amplified by a dedicated social media outreach campaign.

Well written, relevant content helps websites to sell and a professional appearance improves trust too.

One of the biggest risks when writing web copy is to write a good article for the wrong audience.  We work with you to identify the key demographics so we can not only use our links for ranking purpose, but also to drive your customers to your site from the blogs they read.

Not sure where to start?

As SEO specialists we can write or revise your website’s copy to engage more of your visitors, while ensuring that you get the best out of the search engines.

All of our writers have a fine grasp of English and are carefully matched to each project, as we know that clients can judge you on the quality of your website.

What next?

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