Bing to Introduce Expanded Text Ad Support


Bing supports Expanded Text Ads


The natural SEO cycle of either Google or Bing adopting a new feature and the other mimicking it within months continues anew, this time as Bing follows Google in adding Expanded Text Ads. The feature, which Google is currently testing, allows advertisers to use 60 characters in titles, rather than 25, and 80 characters in their text, rather than 71, offering much more flexibility in copy writing. Bing is pretty open about its inspiration here at least, admitting that it’s adopting the new format in order to ensure compatibility for users who run ads on both Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Expect support to roll out before the end of the summer.


Google denies ‘Crooked Hillary’ bias


Google has had to deny a political bias in its search engine after it was spotted that autocomplete suggests ‘lying ted’ for users searching ‘lying’, but not ‘crooked hillary’ for searches of ‘crooked’. Both are nicknames that Donald Trump has given to his political rivals during the campaign so far. Some smelled conspiracy, but Google says otherwise: their systems “automatically filter a small set of offensive or inappropriate content from autocomplete predictions,” and for some reason ‘crooked hillary’ set it off. Then again, ‘chicken trump’ doesn’t appear either, so maybe we can believe the big G on this one.


Mobile page speed is going to be a ranking factor


Google is continuing to up its game in demanding mobile-friendly web design, with news that it’s looking at making mobile page speed a ranking factor. Right now, even for mobile searches, it’s the desktop page loading speed that Google looks at, but that’s going to change, and mobile searches will be affected by mobile loading speeds. This is still “just a plan,” so don’t expect a change any time too soon, but it’s probably time to start checking how quickly your mobile site loads and planning ahead.

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