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‘In The News’ Knowledge Graphs, Analytics Benchmarks and Mobile AdWords Ads Shrink

Google Adds ‘In The News’ Knowledge Graph Box   Google appears to have debuted a new type of Knowledge Graph box called ‘In the news’. It was first spotted for searches for minor celebrity Jill Duggar, and seems to be … Continue reading

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Forget Real-time Search: The Value is in Real-time Web Analytics

Web analytics has advanced rapidly in recent years with better tools now available for free than available at any price a few years ago. While the web analytics industry itself was worth at least $40 million in 2008 in the … Continue reading

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How Black Hat Are You?

There has been a lot of discussion about black vs. white hat SEO over the years, but which colour are you? Take our SEO test to discover your hat colour… Have you ever? Paid a blogger to write about you? … Continue reading

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Struggling with Multilingual SEO? Try Google Translate first.

Ever wished that your site was accessible to people speaking foreign languages, but thought that translating it would be too much hassle? If so, a Google Translate Gadget like the one below might be the thing for you. It allows … Continue reading

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Google Analytics Tag Checker

As anyone familiar with Google Analytics will know, it’s often quick and easy to install. Occasionally, however, there’s a problem. As happened to me, yesterday. On this occasion I’d emailed the code for a new style Analytics tag to our … Continue reading

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