Eco Friendly SEO

Green marketing has gone from being an eco-fad a years ago to an increasingly important part of any companies’ agendas today.

Some jumped on the bandwagon early. However, today almost everybody from Barak Obama to Gordon Brown and from Google to General Motors have realised that it is a popular, and ethical, move to be seen as environmentally friendly.

So, as an eco-aware SEO company we’ve decided to do our bit and help our client to do so too.

For example, we’re planning to carbon offset all of our energy consumption (including flights and general travel) and now offer carbon neutral SEO to all of our clients.

The benefits of Green Marketing:
    1. You don’t have to be an environmentalist to be seen as eco-friendly and benefit from the feel good associated with green marketing campaigns.
    2. It is increasingly important to be seen to be green. Environmental credentials can already be a key corporate differentiator and soon may become mandatory for public facing companies. Further, charity, community and religious groups are already expected to play their part. After all, helping other while harming the world tomorrow is hardly the idea now is it?
    3. Leading politicians are staring to drive the agenda, for example, Barack Obama linking carbon reforms to the US motor industry’s bailout funding.
  • Carbon-offsetting is affordable, generally adding less than 10% to the cost of marketing campaigns.
  • More and more people would like to work for environmentally friendly employers and are keen to join companies that take their ‘social responsibilities’ seriously.

Online marketing, being purely digital, does the least damage to begin with and so is the cheapest to compensate for too!

To find out more about how environmentally friendly marketing can help your company while helping the planet, call Anthony Sharot our search director on 020 3880 5692 or email