Landing Page Optimisation

Traffic is worthless if it doesn’t bring you sales and so landing page optimisation is a key part of most search engine marketing campaigns.

Like everything we do, it’s a little bit of art and quite a lot of science.

Based upon our hands-on experience and knowledge of industry best practice we can improve most landing pages on sight. For optimal results however, a more measured approach is required.

First we analyse your existing analytics data to see whether we can identify any weak links in the chain.

Next advanced tracking and analytics is deployed, typically a combination of ClickTale heatmap tracking software and Google Analytics, configured as required. Website Optimizer split testing software can be used too, allowing different versions of your landing pages to be assessed head to head, while we record every hover, click and sale to work out what to change.

This is the ultimate combination of testing and tracking and it has never failed to deliver worthwhile improvements to website conversion rates.

While results vary from site to site an uplift of over 20% is quite common.

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