Analytics iPhone App Released, Product Ratings Added to Google Adwords and a ‘Google Tax’ in Spain.

Product ratings

Google Analytics iPhone App Released


There’s been an Android app for a number of years, but Google has finally released an iOS version of Google Analytics. This should be great news for any site owners, managers and marketers who own iPhones and want to be able to keep up with their site’s stats on the go, or just carry out some extra analysis on the way home from work. The new app has received early praise, using a variety of charts and graphs to display Analytics’ complex data in a way better suited to the small screen. It’s lacking a number of account tools, and some of the more complex reports available on the desktop site, but by all accounts the new iPhone app is a slick and useful way to stay on top of your site’s stats when the desktop just isn’t an option.


Product Ratings Added to Product Ads in Google


This week Google Adwords announced that they would be adding product ratings to product listing ads that appear in search results through Google and Google Shopping. The ratings, out of a possible five stars, are based on “aggregated rating and review data for the product, compiled from multiple sources including merchants, third party aggregators, editorial sites and users.” Through to October they’ll be showing rating data for all products that they can access it for, but from October onwards businesses will have to opt-in, submitting their review content to Google. Ratings should be a nice touch for consumers using Google to source products, and a great way for businesses to make their product ads stand out. This could also see a renewed focus on securing a variety of reviews for products to help boost click-through rates.


New Spanish Law to Make Google Pay for Indexing News


A new Spanish law, dubbed a ‘Google tax’, hopes to make Google pay Spanish media companies every time it indexes their content and displays snippets of it in search results. The change has been driven by newspapers and other media that feel that Google is reaping the benefits of their work without giving anything back – and their search traffic alone clearly isn’t appeasing them. A similar law recently passed in Germany saw Google remove every major German paper from News results, then allow them to opt-in so long as they waived their compensation. The Spanish parliament have clearly learnt from Germany’s mistake, and have included clauses preventing Google from involuntarily removing news organisations and stopping the news organisations themselves from waiving the compensation by declaring it an “inalienable right.” The law has not yet been passed, but is expected to, and could well set a precedent for the rest of Europe to follow.

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