Google ‘My Maps’, G+ Photos in Google View and the Custom iPhone 6 Knowledge Graph


Google Releases ‘My Maps’


Google has released a new version of My Maps, which it has also announced is expected to replace Google Maps by the end of the year. The new functionality allows users to create and share their own maps, marking out specific businesses or points of interest; adding details, descriptions and images; and marking out routes. The ability to share maps could lead to new content marketing opportunities, as local businesses create custom maps and routes designed to both entertain and promote their business – such as walking tours including specific shops or cafés along the way.


Apple Helps Google Create iPhone 6 Knowledge Graph


This may be a first – Google has revealed that, with Apple’s support, it manually created Knowledge Graph boxes for the recently announced iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch. The boxes include details on pricing, availability, size and specs, and list Apple as the source for the information. Google clarified that the boxes were driven by high search volumes for the new devices: “When people are searching very heavily for an entity like this, we do our best to provide useful information on it. This info isn’t available in one place on a website before the official release, so Apple confirmed it with us directly.” Expect that this won’t be the last time that Google collaborates with other companies on the Knowledge Graph as a marketing tool.


Public Google+ Photos to Appear in Google Views and Photo Spheres


Google+ users may start to find their photos cropping up around the web if they’ve set them to be publicly accessible. Googler Abby revealed that “Starting this week, photos with locations that have been shared publicly from your Google+ account will now appear in Views ( in addition to your photo spheres. Some photos may also appear Google Maps, making the map more useful and comprehensive for everyone.” Users are also able to manually add their images to Views.

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