Market Appeal Expands: New Business Partner, Investment & SEO Consultant

Regular readers of this blog would have been forgiven for thinking that we’d gone away, given that we haven’t posted anything for over six weeks, however, nothing could be further from the truth.

Indeed, we’ve been rather busy behind the scenes recently and so have several announcements to make about our progress to date and some new projects that we’re looking forward to.

New hire: Joe Lewis – SEO Consultant

Last month, Joe Lewis joined us as an SEO Consultant from Trinity Mirror plc on a full-time basis. Joe and I have been friends since our time studying psychology at Brunel University and he’s frequently moonlighted for Market Appeal over the past couple of years, while working in SEO for DLG and, later, Trinity Mirror.

Joe now has considerable practical experience, having been one of the two SEO consultants overseeing their 200+ regional websites, and, as our second technical consultant, will be playing a key role as we continue to expand. Besides, several new clients have started this month, so it looks like Joe’s arrived just time!

New business partner & Limited trading status

Coinciding with Joe’s arrival was the news that we’d finally agreed the terms of an investment-partnership with BBMR LLP. As a result, we can confirm that Market Appeal has raised some additional capital to help accelerate its expansion and keep up with increasing demand for our organic and paid search marketing services.

Further, we’re changing over our trading status from “Market Appeal” as a private company to “Market Appeal Ltd.” and are delighted to announce that Darren Best will be joining our board as BBMR’s nominated Director.

After over a decade atop London’s commercial property market, Darren has extensive business acumen and an address book full of contacts and so is another welcome addition to our team.

Other news

While it’s still too early to crack open the bubbly, we’re making good progress and have more plans in store. Top of the list is to redesign our website, as we’ve outgrown the current one’s functionality and design. As a result, we’re investigating alternatives to WordPress and may yet migrate the (non-blog) pages to Joomla or another similar CMS.

As web analytics professionals, we’re always interested in new ways to track where our customers come from and so we’ve been speaking to a telephone-tracking provider of late with a view to offering an integrated web, phone and chat analytics solution to our clients in the near future.

This should be particularly useful for consulting, B2B and professional services businesses, as, unlike their e-commerce counterparts, almost all of their “orders” are taken over the phone, making it hard to track their progress, with most web analytics packages.

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