Local SEO Tips for London Based Businesses

While there are plenty of general posts on local SEO, few if any have been written specifically with London in mind, so I’ve covered some local London SEO tips for you below.

  1. Add your business to Google’s Local Business Listings. The easiest way to do this is to start with step two, below.
  2. Create a free business listing with Yellow Pages. This helps you to get included in Google’s Local Business Listings as well as being a worthwhile place to advertise for fee in its own right. Google may have just pipped Yellow Pages as the primay source of local listings (by enquiry volume) however it’s still in a very worthwhile second place.
  3. Add your business to leading local business directories including TrustedPlaces, Qype, Welovelocal, Tipped, Touch London etc.
  4. Set up a locally targeted AdWords paid search account. OK, so strictly speaking this isn’t SEO, however, being able to target campaigns to a specific region, such as London, is a great way to target your customers while testing out the conversion rates for different keywords to see which ones have both a useful click volume (not just theoretically predicted search counts) and a good conversion rate, as either alone is futile.
  5. Use your full London address, including street name and postcode, is on your site’s contact page, if not every page of your website.
  6. Acquire links from related companies in your region. While they don’t all have to be from your town and can come from allied but non-competing companies if you prefer, matching the top level domain (e.g. .co.uk) is recommended.
  7. Create content to target specific regions. For example, if you run a property website they you could create pages for each area by town (county, country or postcode) that list the properties avialable, the values of previous properties sold in that area and some interesting local information to help prospective purchasers. That way you can have targeted pages appearing for searches for properties in every part of London, a great way to cover the while city one step at a time.

For more advanced techniques for larger sites or a chat as to how we can help you to profit from local SEO contact our Head of Search Anthony Sharot on 020 7111 7725 or email localseo@marketappeal.co.uk.

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