Link building secrets: 2 free tips and tricks

1. Article marketing – you may already do this, to an extent, but…

Article marketing goes way beyond just posting $10 articles churned out by on In addition to free ‘article sites’ there are loads of blogs and news sites out there craving quality content. Sites that run content from guest writers and to name a few from the marketing sector.

Sure, these posts will have to be of a higher standard, but do you really want to associate your brand with anything less anyway?

Of course, that’s fine if you have something to say, but what if you don’t?
That’s why Market AppealĀ hasĀ a team of professional copywriters who can write your copy to order. They’ve managed to make everything from tax investigations to laptop insurance sound interesting (well, almost), so can rustle up something for you too.

Similarly, we have an extensive network of publishers that we work with, and so can arrange for relevant sites to promote your content, building permanent links from popular, authoritative sites on an ongoing basis. – This is turbocharged article marketing, just like the cheap version expect that we post good content on great sites.

2. Blogs and forums – again, this is often done badly, approaching outright spamming.

A cheap trick is to simply find a do-follow blog-CMS (search for that to start off with) that’s easy to identify and prone to auto approving, and then repeat your Google search and hammer away. WordPress won’t work, unless they have a dofollow, but many lesser know platforms have simpler systems anyway.

Doing this properly is another matter. Here’s how. Speak to the site’s manager and tell then that you’d like to cut a deal. You’ll give them an exclusive new offer to promote to their customers for free, if they’ll let you post it on their website.

I’ve seen this work for on, who have 7 million visitors per month, among others. Similar approaches work for blogs too. – Approaching relevant sites with an offer of genuine interest to their readers is what matters.

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