Google Launches Major Push to Get Local Businesses Online

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Google launches campaign to get small, local businesses online


A new campaign from Google is the start of a major push to get more local business online and, more importantly for the search engine, part of the Google ecosystem. The Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map program encourages small business owners to check how their business appears in Google Maps and Search and, if necessary, update their listings. For businesses that don’t have an online presence yet, Google is even offering a free domain and hosted website for a year to give them a starting push. It’s a clear sign from the company just how important local business listings are for its future ambitions.


Bing restricts some searches to just one page of results


In a bold move, it looks like Bing is so confident in some of its search results that it returns just one page of results. For a search like ‘specifications for black iphone 6 64GB’, at the bottom of the page there are no page numbers to pick from, replaced by the following message: “We think these are the most relevant results for your search. We’ve omitted some lower-quality results.” A hyperlink offers the chance to “See all results,” but either way it’s a big show of confidence in the quality of the search results returned, and an interesting change of tack in UI design.


Details emerge on Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm


After much speculation, the first few concrete details about Google’s upcoming mobile-friendly algorithm change have been revealed. Already known to be dropping on April 21st, a recent Google+ hangout has confirmed that the full rollout will take roughly a week. More importantly, it was announced that sites will simply be deemed either mobile-friendly or not, with no degrees or in-between states, and that site owners can find out right now if their site has been deemed mobile-friendly using the company’s test page. The news should go a long way to easing the concerns of webmasters anticipating the major search shake-up.

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