Google Gets Boozy with Cocktail Recipes in Search


Google is your mixologist: cocktail recipes added to search


Google’s ‘quick answer’ and Knowledge Graph results continue to expand, but the latest addition is one of their most fun yet: cocktail recipes. Users can now search for common cocktails to find recipes, preparation instructions and even advice on the best glass to use. There’s an extensive range of drinks available, from a mint julep to a cosmopolitan. The search giant even showed their sense of humour while announcing the service on Twitter: “Because it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere: Cocktail recipes now served on Google Search.”


60% of users choose mobile devices for local search, survey finds


A new survey from Thrive Analytics has found that mobile devices have overtaken desktop when it comes to local searches, with 60% of local searches coming from either a smartphone or tablet. This is driven in part by a segment the study dubs ‘mobile fanatics’ – the 40% of the U.S. smartphone-using population shunning desktop devices in favour of consistently searching on mobile. The study provides further evidence of just how important it is for businesses with a local customer base to focus on mobile SEO.


Google get into the insurance game in the U.S.


Google is further expanding its already broad product base with its latest service, Google Compare. The service is starting small, with a focus on car insurance, and is currently exclusive to California, but expect it to expand in the coming months. Compare looks to be an updated version of the car insurance comparison service Google already offers in the U.K., but with only 14 providers compared to the 126 available over here.

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