B2B vs B2C SEO – What’s the Difference?

Maybe you’ve wondered what the differences between B2B and B2C SEO are, or indeed the difference between targeting businesses and consumers in general.

Jody Nimetz at Ask Enquiro recently wrote a great little article on this topic from an SEO perspective, although many of the same principles regarding keyword research and buying cycles also apply to PPC. http://ask.enquiro.com/2009/b2b-seo-vs-b2c-seo-how-different-is-it/

No doubt there are plenty of other factors that could be mentioned too, such as the fact that B2C websites are far more likely to be e-commerce enabled while business focused websites are more likely to stick to ‘simple’ lead generation, often deliberately omitting their prices to prompt interested parties to get in touch and discuss a bespoke ‘solution’.

Conversely, consumer e-commerce websites such as Amazon shout about their discount prices but bury their telephone numbers, as their high volume, slim margin approach will only be profitable if most sales are made over the web, with minimal human intervention.

Have you noticed any difference between B2B and B2B marketing?

Add your thoughts below!

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