Advanced Web Ranking: Software Review 2010

Living with Advanced Web Ranking

A year or so ago I wrote a review of Advanced Website Ranking (AWR), as it was our preferred ranking tracking software at the time. Since then it’s been in use weekly, sometimes daily, to check the ranking for our various clients.

The core functionality hasn’t changed, although updates with ongoing refinements are reliably released every few weeks to remind everyone that there are developers beavering away behind the scenes.

The past year has seen plenty of changes from the major search engines including faster “real-time” search, increased personalisation and the sabre rattling between Google and Bing.

None of that has thrown AWR, which is still our primary rank tracking application. Practical advantages include the wide variety of report export formats including pdf, html and .xls which can be tailored, both in terms of content and styling, to suit your company and clients requirements.

Another benefit is its ability to handle large projects. For example, some clients have several websites, each with their own keyword lists and target search engines ( etc.). Multiply that by several clients and there are thousands of individual keyword-website-search engine combinations. Without AWR’s “update multiple projects” feature keeping tabs on everything could become tedious to the extreme.

AWR also has plenty of features, such as routing via proxy servers, that we don’t often use. No doubt a dig through their help files would remove plenty more, but at least I can say that the additional functionality doesn’t et in the way during every day use.

Speaking of which, detailed time delay options and querying via API keys is supported so that you can keep track of your rankings, while keeping the search engines onside. Some experimentation may be required to get them right, as Yahoo seems easy to offend, but on the whole we’ve had a trouble free year and so were happy to write about the software again. We’re even hoping to receive a free copy in exchange for our (genuinely) nice words…

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