How to Get Listed in Google in 7 Days

There are many articles out there claiming to tell you how to get your site listed in Google in a day, or three days, or thirty days or whatever, but virtually none of them tell you specifically what to do.

Some, for example, will advise that a link from a PR 5 website should get your site indexed in under a week, and a link from a PR6 website will do the trick in around a day, but that doesn’t help you if you don’t already have access to a PR 6 website; which you probably don’t if you’re reading this article.

What follows is a list of the steps that I have used to get new, unknown domains indexed by Google in under 7 days, without resorting to placing links on established websites already under my control.

First, however, for your safety, I should highlight what not to do.

  1. Suggest your site to Google using their add your url tool.Well, you can if you want to, it’s harmless, but this approach usually takes weeks, and besides probably won’t work if your site doesn’t already have links from other websites.
  2. Using the sitemap submit tool in webmaster tools.OK, so step 1 is harmless and submitting sitemaps is really a good thing, but it still isn’t likely to help you get index in under seven days, so let’s move on…
  3. Buy one of those “website promotion” tools that promises to submit your site to thousands of search engines for a small fee.This is, at best, a waste of time. Google has around a 66% of the UK and US search market share and Yahoo!, MSN and Ask mop up the remaining 33% or so, leaving less that 1% for all of the other search engines combined.Further, if you have to give out your email address to register for the “service” there is every chance that you’ll be spammed to high heaven, and probably be charged for the privilege too.Worse, some of them charge a monthly fee offering to resubmit your site in return. This is to be avoided at all costs, as it is a form of search engine spamming and risks getting your site banned altogether.
  4. Buy a “Get listed in Google in under 72 hours Guaranteed” package from a far-flung company that randomly sent you a spam email. You may be amused to hear that Google get these too!

You see, SEO isn’t a dark-art any more. Some “experts” may read this and pull their hair out because I’m giving away their “trade secrets”, but they way I see it any SEO company, consultant or marketing agency worth their salt should be able to tell you how they get results.

Besides, you can’t afford to risk having your site banned by Google, due to dodgy “black hat” practices, and how do you know that they’re not if they won’t even tell you?

How to Get in to Google in Under 3 Days

The trick to getting into Google in under three days, does indeed involve linking to your website from high PageRank (PR) websites.

In addition to a high PageRank, there are two criteria that such websites need to meet in order to be of interest to you.

Firstly, they must allow for user generated content i.e. they must allow you to create a blog, personal profile upload an article, submit a press release or tag a favourite site fast, and for free.

Secondly, they must have a high update speed i.e. they have a main page that changes frequently – at least daily – that you can somehow get access to. Thankfully most of the sites meeting the first condition automatically meet this one as well.

Getting in to Google – What to do

  1. Write a couple of short summaries “elevator pitches” of your site’s main features and benefits and it’s target audience of different lengths – 100 and 300 words – or longer if you actually have something to say.
  2. Go to a selection of the following websites and create a post, profile, ad, article or whatever and use your nicely polished, pitch as the body copy.

Ensure that your post of tagged and filed appropriately and be sure to include a link to your website using your full url. For example, my SEO Consultancy CV.

You may need to vary the tone to suit each site, as a community forum will prefer chatty styles to stuffy press releases, so choose your language accordingly. If in doubt, emulate the style of currently popular posts to prevent yours from being deleting as spam.

But where do I post it?”, I hear you ask.

To find suitable places all you have to do is Google a few of the leading “free business classified” sites.

These sites have sections specifically designed for advertising your business online, which makes this approach preferable to forum and blog spamming and other parasitic activities.

There are of course other types of suitable sites, many classier than the free classifieds, but I’m not ready to give them all away quite yet. For more upmarket alternatives, you can always try asking me.

If this turns out to be a hit topic, I may revisit it later.

Getting listed in Google in under three days

Now, there are in fact a handful of sites out there so rapidly spidered that they can have new pages indexed in under an hour!

Better still, done the right way, links from them can get your site into Google in less than 72 hours.

Incidentally, if you’re facing a big launch, and are in a hurry and desperately need your site indexed in under three days, I can probably help.


A word of caution

Please note that I am NOT suggesting that you ever set out to spam the aforementioned sites. That is not what this is about and nor will that do you any favours with Google. My aim is for genuine websites with uniquely valuable content to gain some initial exposure and backlinks through professionally written press releases posted to sites open to this kind of promotion.

As such, there can be a massive difference between “budget” agencies that can damage your brand with spam tactics and badly written copy and the same work carried out by a reputable SEO agency. Also, remember that it can be nearly impossible to undo mistakes on the web, so if in doubt hire a professional that will take the time to understand your audience and target your marketing accordingly.

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  1. jainlemos says:

    Hi – Please help us. I created the official family blog using blogspot for Brianna Denison (, who was abducted from Reno, Nevada on January 20. We need more people to visit our website to find out how they can help with our search efforts. Brianna is only 19-year old. Her story has been widely covered in the news, but many articles have misinformation.

    We do need our site indexed now == every second is precious == can you help?

  2. Anthony says:

    Hi Jain,

    I wish you the best of luck locating Brianna. I’ve edited your comment so that your name links to your website. As Google indexes this blog almost daily that link should help direct their crawler to your site.

  3. marulu says:

    Hi Anthony,

    I had last submitted our company website in 1999 when there were hardly any websites and submitting to search engines was so simple! And indexing was fast and easy! Now it’s been a few weeks already and my sites have still not been indexed.
    Can u help me out, please?
    Thanks in advance…
    I am beginning to use some tips you’ve mentioned…. Let’s see the results..

  4. marulu says:

    Hi Anthony,

    When I google for “How to setup BSNL Broadband” I get in PR1. When I check in google for link : “followed by this website” I get only internal links… yet it enjoys PR1…. Would you be able to tell me why?
    Thanks and regards,


  5. marulu says:

    On the other hand, my site :
    is not indexed and therefore not appearing in the google search results.
    Where am I going wrong?

    Thanks n regards,


  6. marulu says:

    On the other hand
    mine does not sure up in the google search at all since it is not indexed :

    Could you please throw some light on this?


  7. marulu says:

    Please help me get my site indexed..



  8. marulu says:

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for you tips!! After posting here, my blog has indeed shown up at PR4… what can I do now to make it better???

    Look forward to your reply.
    Thanks again,


  9. louise says:

    Thanks for a really informative article. Was struggling with this.


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  10. marulu says:

    Hi again Anthony,

    Thanks for letting us post here…. your tips sure work well!!!



  11. andoverit says:

    Great info on getting listed quickly. Not having a major problem once the sites are listed but have been trying to find a way of getting clients listed quickly.


  12. dazzamay says:

    Thanks for the article it has been a great help

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  15. Newbie says:

    Sounds as a great idea.
    This maybe “off topic” but can anyone tell me how can I make google to re-index mi site faster? Right now I am waiting approxx. 7 days and it still have my old page indexed.
    Thanks for help in advance.

  16. Anthony says:

    Hi Newbie,

    Cheers for your question. Google typically reindexes an average smallish site once every couple of weeks or so. If it then notices that thing’s rarely change over time the revist rate may drop down to monthly, or less.

    On the other hand, if you have a rapidly changing homepage, like most news sites that update hourly, or a blog on your site updated daily or weekly, then fairly quicly Google will pick up on that an revisit accordingly.

    This is similar to how people think too, as they are equally fond of fresh content.

    To make Google’s listings update quicker, in addition to updating your site quicker, there are some other things that you can also do. For example, by turning of caching for snippets, you can force Google to always take fresh content from your site. This can help to avoid out of date, descriptions, as is often a problem for news sites that update frequently.


    Also, you should try uploading a fresh sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools, that has your (new) high prioroty urls in. Google uses new sitemaps as a) an indicator that your site has been updated, which can encourage it to return quicker, and b) as a way to tell which urls to revisit first, and to prioritise over other similarly indexable pages.



  17. kidz says:

    I’m really new at this. I have my web page up and running – ) I have joined google advert but for the money per click and the the money the site would generate, it’s expensive. I have a tiny little site which sells party packs and would love to get it looked at. I just enjoy making them and it would help busy mom’s looking to do cool packs at their kids parties. I am struggling to get indexed by google, but also would like to know how/if you have to get indexed more then once, or if you are indexed once are you always there?
    Also, I have a simple sitemap. Must I include these fancy PR’s in my sitemap in order to be ‘seen’ on google search?
    Sorry my questions are ‘simple’, but I would appreciate your input please.
    Thank you very much

  18. Anthony says:

    Hi Kidz,

    Google AdWords can be expensive in relation to the profit margins for many companies. There’s no easy answer to this (although I have many ideas that may help) however the easiest thing to do is to increase your average order size by offering larger packs, bulk discounts etc in order to make more money per sale.

    Regarding getting indexed by Google, the easiest thing to do is to build some good quality links from established sites and indexing should follow soon after. (The one’s from your comment on my blog could help 🙂

    Uploading an xml sitemap to your site is optional but worth doing too even if it’s not a panacea. As it’s new, once you’ve done that be sure to login to Google Webmaster Tools sitemap section to register it, to let them know that it’s there.

    Regarding “fancy PRs” in your sitemap, I’m not entirely sure what you mean, however I can assure you that a regular xml sitemap as generated by will do just fine. There’s not need to mess with the prioritisation or other such obscure settings.

    Good luck!

  19. crepito says:


    I created a blogspot blog a week ago, but its still not listed. I’ve been using some “ping” websites but so far no luck. Anyway, i’ll leave the link here to help the indexing.
    Thx for the tips.

  20. Allan says:

    been trying to get mine listed for weeks. i’ll leave the link here to help the indexing also


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    Someone said starting a website was easy….but it is like a maze to me. Just as I get over one hurdle I bump into another and having very little techie experience doubles the efforts. But the fact that I’m here shows that I’m in the right direction so thank you for being out here for all us newbies and I hope it is ok to leave my website name too.

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    I’m still a little confused on how all this stuff works, i submitted my site to google but don’t even know if i did it right, this is all so very confusing and there is so much competition i often wonder if it is all worth the trouble, Thanks Paul.

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    Thanks for the advice as i published this site yesterday and you have given me some great advice on speeding up the indexing.
    Many Thanks

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    Good advice and we’ve been testing several methods and seem to now be able consistantly get new domains listed within 7-10 days.

    Our best so far was a site that went live with a new domain name at midday on the Sunday and was listed with Google by 8.00pm the same day. The client was quite pleased about that!

    Andover IT

  34. Dale says:

    Hi Anthony, Thanks for all your advice – it’s starting to pay off!
    Cheers, Dale

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    I have just launched my own web site selling handmade Wedding Invitatios, favours stationery. Your article has helped me to understand a little more about getting my site listed.

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    Hi Anthony I run a website specializing in Design for bands and the music industry ( ), We launched just over a couple of months ago and have been gaining most of our traffic through word of mouth. I have spent hours on the SEO of the website but for someone reason we are nowhere to be found in Google. I’ve created many sites in the past all of which place fairly highly in Google so I’m a bit confused here as to whats going on. I’d really appreciate your thoughts on this.

    Thanks mate,